Author Topic: The Biolab - the steel tree of camping paradise  (Read 1438 times)


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The Biolab - the steel tree of camping paradise
« on: October 10, 2012, 07:22:49 pm »
Protips of the day on "how the freaking giant bubble works?"

(Nota : RedFox is on a mission to provide 57 tons of screenshots for these protips :) don't blame me if it's text only )

Soooo, all of you who have seen some PS2 action have seen this giant mushroom in distant scenery of several fights. It's the Biolab, and it's nothing like the PS1 version of it.

Description :

It takes the form of a huge platform, standing on top of a 3 huge pillars boasting several dozens of meters height. The platform is up there, protected by a giant glass dome. Inside the dome you'll find some rock structures, buildings, and vegetation.

There are 2 huge airpards on opposite sides of the main platform, with a big hole in the dome to enter from the airpads into the platform.
On ground level, between the 3 pillars, you'll find ground vehicle terminals in the center. This zone is protected by shields that only the biolab owners can cross.
On ground level too, under both airpads, are little 2-stage towers with vertical elevators. 1st elevator leads to 2nd tower floor, 2nd elevator gets you directly on the airpad. Anyone can use these. They are "Planetside 2 Elevators", ie some translucid yellow/blue rays propelling you upward or downward. You are not protected when using them.

Some Biolabs (like on Esamir) are surrounded by a wall, designed by a defensive genius apparently. The other Biolab are left to be camped easily by tanks :)

In the ground level vehicle area, you'll see a teleporter pad. It will teleport you in the main dome above, in a teleporter room protected by shields. Since the vehicle area is accessible by Biolab owners only, the teleporter is also accessible by Biolab owner only, and the teleporter room shields can only be crossed by Biolab owners. This main teleporter room is located roughly in the center of the dome.
Just near the main teleporter room is the Biolab SCU, the Spawn Control Unit. It's a big .... thing.... in the middle of a circular place. When destroyed, the main spawns of the Biolab are unusable. These main spawns are located in the biodome. They are also protected by shields to prevent ennemies entering.

Inside the Biodome on top, you'll find several points labeled A, B, C, D, etc .... Number of them is variable. They are personified by a console. They are the objectives of the attackers, they must hold these for some time to win the base.

Around the Biolab, you'll find "Satellite bases". Number are variable. 3, 4, it depends. They are independant hex adjacent to the Biolab region. They are made of several buildings, one being a spawn room, the other containing the capture console (in some cases, like around Rashnu, Capture Console is actually outside, in some rocky cave). They also have a ground vehicle terminal that attackers can use to get armor support. They are the equivalent of Planetside 1 Towers found in the vincinity of bases.
You usually find satellites around every facilities, but Biolab sattelites are specific. They have one or two additional system to enter the Biodome :
* You often find around the satellite buildings a Jumppad. It's a purple triangle shaped brilliant object on the ground, like an arrowhead pointing to the biodome. When you walk on it, it catapults you right on top of one of the Biolab airpads.
* There is also often a special building with a teleporter inside. The teleporter will teleport you in another teleport room in the Biodome. The teleporter room in the Biodome is protected by shields and can be crossed only by owners of the Satellite. These sattelite teleporter rooms are located around the Biodome, away from center usually.

How to capture :

Attackers have a simple task : they need to get near Capture Consoles inside the Biodome, stay near them to flip them to their color (they first erase the current color of the point, then make it switch to their color). Once one console has flipped, the capture process starts.
You'll see at this moment 3 bars, 1 for each empire, on the bottom left of your HUD, as weel as the list of capture points, colored by whoever owns them
Bar for each empire fills in at a rate proportional to the number of capture consoles owned. Once one empire bar reach 100%, capture process stops and base switches (or stay) to said empire ownership.
The rate of filling the bar (rate of capture) is also dependant on a multiplier determined by the amount of adjacent territory owned by all empires. If TR are attacking Rashnu while completely surrounding it, the capture process will be very short, and NC can lose the base even if holding the majority of the points.

When a Capture Point flashes on your HUD, it means that someone is trying to flip its ownership (an ennemy is taking it from you!! ). Any flashing point stops counting toward the capture progress. In the same way, a "white" (ie a Console you have stripped of original color but not yet fully flipped to your color) console doesn't count toward any capture process. When very near the end of an ennemy capture process, if you are alone on the place, it may be faster to first force all consoles to white before processing them all again to flip them to your color. you stop ennemy capture process sooner and may win a base you should have lost otherwise.

That's all for now!!
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