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Re: Your build
« Reply #15 on: December 12, 2012, 05:59:12 pm »
I've so far unlocked (this is from memory + Planetside Universe's data which may well be a bit out of date so expect some edits):

Common Pool:  Rebel pistol, Sweeper shotgun (slugs, Laco x3.4 sight), AC-X11 carbine

Engineer:  Warden rifle (LX x4 scope, foregrip, compensator), C4
Infiltrator:  Gauss SPR, SAS-R, LA-80 (x12 scope), grade 1 hacking upgrade
Combat Medic: GR-22
Heavy Assault:  GD-22S (LX x4 scope), EM6 (x3.4 scope), Jackhammer (rubbish), Hawk AA
MAX: dual Bursters

Vanguard:  Titan-150 AP & HE, Enforcer C85 canister, Halberd E540 AP, A30 Walker AA, Radar #1
Lightning:  L100 Python HEAT & HE, Skyguard, Radar #1  (Gaddamn do I miss having two weapons on this thing)
Sunderer:  AMS

Liberator:  L105 Zepher
Reaver: Breaker rocket pods

Checked and corrected :)
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Re: Your build
« Reply #16 on: December 20, 2012, 11:45:51 am »
Pre-XP whorage week update :P :

Heavy-Assault :
EM6 - compensator - forward grip - sights
Default + AA launcher
Resist Shield 3 + Nanoweave Armor 3
Medical kit 1
(on top of it, GD22S with reflex, not using anymore)

Medic :
Gauss S - compensator - forward grip - underbarrel shotgun - underbarrel nade launcher (aiming for getting smoke)
Healing gun lvl 5
Nanoweave armor 1 - plan is to get Flak armor buffed instead. Same as for engie, I think it's more important
C4 x1
(on top of it, NS11A with reflex, not using anymore)

Dual Burster
Dual AI with Hacksaw on left arm and slug ScatterCannon on right arm

Infiltrator :
Hacking lvl1 (that was when I thought infil didn't have hacking by default)

Squad Leader :
Spawn beacon
I'm looking for Squad Leading courses :P

Common pool :
Medit kit x1
Mauler Shotgun (it's always good to have a Mauler with you ;) )
Forest and Snow camo for infantry for sneaking around, that I always forget to swap depending on map :P
POODLE DECAL!!! <= Ze Poodle is our emblem, get it if you have spare SC (it's awefully expensive though)

Sunderer :

Reaver :
Breaker rockets

Liberator :
Zepher belly gun - Zoom optics x2 - IRNV Optics
Tank Buster front gun
High Speed Airframe lvl 1
Afterburner lvl 1

Lightning :
HE gun - Zoom optics x2 - IRNV optics - +ammo capacity


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Re: Your build
« Reply #17 on: December 20, 2012, 12:41:08 pm »
Must get the Poodle  ;D